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Quality Childcare for Quality Parents!

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Marcy Precious Little 1s Daycare is a family oriented facility. The teachers, director and parents are in constant contact to ensure your child is receiving the highest quality childcare service.

Quality Childcare for Quality Parents!

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We take pride in having a facility that is family owned and operated. Our facility is filled with trained and certified staff. Our staff is motivated and eager to help each child who comes through our door reach their full potential. Caring for kids is what we love.


Our programs were created with parents in mind. We have many programs for parents to choose from that best fits your family needs. Our curriculum is individualized based on the needs of our children and, teachers observation. We create theme based activities to help challenge our children at varying levels to help children succeed naturally to the next level.

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Call for more information between 8am - 8pm (718) 880-1227. Schedule your tour today and see why so many families have chosen Marcy Precious Little 1's Daycare.


We offer different kinds of learning materials for your scholar needs. Visit our Scholars Store.

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